About Us


Our Name

Oatka (oh-at-kə) means literally, “approaching an opening” in the Seneca language. To us, that meaning is symbolic for seeing opportunity ahead. We strive to see and create those opportunities for our customers. The greatest reward for us is seeing our clients succeed.


Our Founder

Sarah Kohl grew up in an entrepreneurial household. Both of her parents had their own businesses so it was natural that she would go on to start her own someday as well. She studied at the Rochester Institute of Technology and realized she had a particularly exceptional talent for online marketing thanks to the guidance of professor Neil Hair.

After working for a number of companies in both the private and public sector she gained valuable experience marketing on a B2B and B2C level. She decided to start her own business in 2014 with the goal to leverage her knowledge to help other companies succeed.


Our Vision

At Oatka Media we strive to learn, grow, and provide value to people. Above all else, we want to contribute to society and provide meaningful and valuable insights to better our local and gloabal community. It’s this mindset that drives us to go the extra mile for our customers, no matter the size.



How does working wherever you want sound? From home or the beach, everyone works where they want. We believe that talented people shouldn’t have to change their life to fit work, but rather work should fit into their life.

We have a team of intelligent and ambitious individuals and are always looking to add on. The only requirements are a passion for technology and an interest to continue learning!