Customer Background

Doodlegraph is the brain child of a great creative mind on the east coast. The idea is fairly simple, these are photographs that incorporate 2D characters. The execution is exceptional however and includes expert photo finishing and a personal touch. The trouble is while this was fantastic art, the creator wasn’t sure how he could turn it into a business.

Strategy Selection

We had a few consultations about the project where we discussed and reviewed the numerous ways in which the project could go. Everything was on the table and we had to find a good balance between ideas that he would be happy pursuing and ideas where he could generate revenue.


In the end a detailed plan was created and implemented to ramp up art creation, increase social media out reach, and create a store front for fans to purchase artwork. Each step was broken down in a structured way so that milestones were obtainable and motivational. We are continuing to monitor the progress of this project but social media followers have been steadily increasing.