Go Rochester

Customer Background

Go Rochester is one of the many local groups in Rochester that aims to unite the community. They primarily do this through reaching out to their members through social media and encouraging them to explore the city. The group was founded on the idea that sharing events and experiences would encourage everyone to have as much pride in the city as it’s founders.

The organizers at Go Rochester realized that they needed to build an audience before they could unite people in the city. This was difficult since the people they wanted to reach a large and diverse group of people. They also didn’t have the technical skills to build and manage a website.

Strategy Selection

After our strategy¬†meeting we decided that the best avenue would be to rely solely on social media for their marketing efforts. It wasn’t particularly important for members to buy anything nor did they want to make it a cumbersome process to find event information so this worked out perfectly.

Facebook was the main focus of our efforts together. We began highlighting how they could create a recognizable format for their posts so that people would know what to expect from Go Rochester’s posts in their feed. We also helped them define their target market. After some discussion we decided to focus on young adults since this demographic is the most mobile, they are the most likely to move away from the city. We wanted to make them stay, but even if they didn’t we wanted them to have enjoyed their time here.


We had set aggressive goals for user acquisition with Go Rochester. We wanted to connect with 250 Facebook users in the span of one month. We created the graphics and text for the ads and after running them for just over 2 weeks had reached their goal! With this exciting development we were able to take the remainder of their budget and come up with a second phase for their marketing project. This time we decided we would increase user engagement and began a second campaign. By the end of their month time frame, we had not only increased their user base from 0 to 275, but the community was so engaged with Go Rochester that they began sharing their own community events.