LMK Worm Book Launch

Customer Background

LMK Worm is the pen name of a children’s author out of North Carolina. Her first book was Logan’s Space Party. The book was created shortly after the author had discovered she had Type 1 diabetes. One of her coworkers had shared stories of her son, Logan’s, struggles with his own juvenile diabetes. This inspired her to write a different type of book for children with diabetes. Instead of the cheesy and educational focused take on juvenile diabetes, the author decided to write a story where the main character is afforded an opportunity to have different, maybe even better adventures, than other children due to his diabetes.

The author wanted the book to reach people. Most importantly, she wanted it to offer comfort to the children who had diabetes. As a secondary objective she was hoping to get into classroom settings or book groups so that the idea of something like an insulin pump would be understood by all children, not just those impacted by the illness.

Strategy Selection

When doing online marketing for a product such as a book, you have to cover a lot of bases. In this case we made sure that the book was on Amazon, had an ISBN, and was easy to locate. We also identified a handful of key bloggers that reviewed children’s books as well as fleshed out the demographic of people who would be most interested in this book. For this unique project we also advised the author to do some offline marketing such as book readings at libraries and donating copies of the book to schools or after school reading groups.


After a few suggestions were put in place we could already see the impact on sales. Copies of the book were being sold not just in North Carolina but all over the United States. In the highly competitive children’s book market that alone is a success. To top it all off though, we also had multiple bloggers from our target group write glowing reviews, each better than the last.