Masquerade App

Customer Background

The online dating industry has blown up over the past few years making it a difficult space to compete in. We helped to build out everything Masquerade App needed to successfully launch their mobile friendly site and Android app.

From concept to reality, we worked to define who the target market for this dating site was and how they could best be reached. It was understood that Masquerade aimed to be different than other dating sites by providing a female-friendly environment. It also wanted to foster communication more than anything else. Unlike most dating sites, they wanted to avoid using fake accounts and bots to entice users to register or pay. This was going to be a site about genuine connections!

Strategy Selection

Several designs were fleshed out to support the site’s framework. Ultimately, a focus on cool colors was decided to be the best avenue as well as a logo that broke free from the overly saturated trend of flat design. Banners that supported this brand image were created and text was written to explain the concept of the site across multiple channels. This included a number of personalized email marketing campaigns. Each email was written to engage members and provide valuable account details.

Lastly, to ensure long-term success, we did an SEO analysis of the site layout and included a number of helpful changes that could be made with little additional effort. While there are an unlimited number of off-page SEO techniques, spending the time to prepare your on-page SEO from the start will make all of your other efforts more valuable.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 4.20.41 PM



Only a week after launch, Masquerade already had their first paid member! Obviously it takes more than one customer to be successful, but seeing as the product was built to foster long-tail sales, this was a sure sign of success. We’ve checked back with the site over time and found that thanks to our original SEO work, they have continued to gain members without paying for ads.