Regional Concrete

Customer Background

Regional Concrete is exactly the kind of business I wanted to help when I started doing contract marketing. As a small mom-and-pop business, they were finding hard to compete in their local market. Unknowingly, they had been using an online marketing firm that outsourced all of their SEO work to India. The poor quality SEO was resulting in little to no sales leads.

Strategy Selection

When we first started discussing what could be done to help grow Regional Concrete, the owner mentioned that the previous SEO company had redone his site to “boost SEO” and he didn’t want to have to redo the site again. After doing an analysis, it was clear that the previous SEO company had done more harm than good to the Regional Concrete website.

We ended up doing off-page SEO as well as redesigning the whole website. It lacked any of the necessary on-page elements for SEO and was loading abysmally slow. The prior SEO company had also written the sales content for each of the pages on the site. The problem was that they didn’t have any concept of what the product was, who was buying it, or how to use the English language. The result was mess and so all of the content for the website was rewritten for the re-launch.



After the site was relaunched, it was earning much higher scores for load time and SEO. This coupled with the link building, meta data, added site features, and other tactics resulted in a 100% INCREASE in organic search traffic to the site. Even better, the “request a quote” page became the second most visited page on the site. After just a month, the owner was excited to be seeing his website on the first page of Google searches.