Rt 20 Sales & Service

Customer Background

Rt 20 Sales & Service was the active retirement dream of a small-town Western NY resident. As a classic car enthusiast and expert mechanic he figured it wouldn’t be a difficult business to get into. As residents of NY know, there are only just so many months you can enjoy your classic cars so getting them working as fast as possible is often preferred to working on them yourself.

Strategy Selection

We discussed a number of avenues that Rt 20 Sales & Service could take. They had a good local presence and a strong network of connections so it didn’t seem like finding local work would be the issue. We did recommend that a website be created to allow for listing finished and project cars for sale to attract out-of-state buyers. In other words, we were going to open the market up for this new business to make sure they started out with a booming customer base.


After designing and launching their website our client received 3 work requests and numerous offers on their car inventory. They were amazed at how quickly they were able to turn around their cars and fascinated by the diversity of the people contacting them. Ultimately, the true measure of success was the increase in sales being made.